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Special Topic: Sustainable Urban Regeneration

1.     A New Approach to Prepare Esfahan New Development Plan

2.     Revitalization and Rehabilitation of Historical Contexts

3.     Islamic Urbanism and Sustainable Development

4.     Architectural Issues of Sustainable City

5.     Secure,Smart and Sustainable City

6.     Urbanization and Rural Development

7.     Modern Technologies in Architecture and Urbanism

8.     Urban Infrastructure and Technology

9.     Sustainable Materials and Energy

10. New Technologies of Building Industry

11. Urban and Suburban Transportation

12. Pavement Construction,Road and Bridge Engineering

13. Health and Urban Environment

14. Climate,Water Resources and Green Spaces

15. Water and Sewage Networks,water purification Recycling

16. Comprehensive Waste Management

17. Safety,Crisis Management and Passive Defense

18. Communications Management and Information based on Technology Space

19. Managing Distribution of Capital in Urban Economics

20. City Cultural Dimensions such as Identity,Creativity,Memory,Meaning and ...

21. Teaching Citizenship and Culture of City and Urbanization

22. Gender Issues,Generation and Social Justice in City

23. Society and City,improving

24. Role of Ethics in Urban Development

25. Role of Metropolis in Urban Complex