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Honorary President of Conference:

Dr. Ghodratollah Norouzi (The Mayer of Isfahan)

Conference Special Guests:

Dr. Abbas Akhondi (Minister of Roads and Urban Development,Iran)

Dr. Ali Asghar Mounesan (Vice President and Head of Cultural Heritage,Handicrafts and Tourism Organization)

Dr. Rasul Zargarpour (Governor of Isfahan)

Dr. Isa Kalantari (Iran Environmental Protection Organization (IEPO))

Dr. Mohammad Saeid Izadi (Deputy Minister of Roads and Urban Development)

Policy Committee:


Head of Policy Committee:

Eng. Hojjat Gholami (Director General of Roads and Urban Development,Isfahan Province)

Secretary Policy Committee:

  •   Dr. Lehon Asadi (Director of Architecture and Urban Development,Roads and Urban Development,Isfahan Province)
  •   Dr. Fereydoon Allahyari (Director General of Isfahan Cultural Heritage Handicrafts and Tourism Department)
  •   Eng. Hossein Jafari (Chief Executive Officer of Urban Renewal Organization,Isfahan)
  •   Dr. Pirooz Hanachi (Faculty member of Tehran University,Chief Editor of Quarterly Sustainable Urban Development Journal)
  •   Dr. Shirin Toghiani (Member of Isfahan City Council)
  •   Eng. Ali Amoushahi (Isfahan Construction Engineering Organization)
  •   Dr. Mehdi Vazifedoost (Faculty Member of TU Dortmund University,Editorial Board Member of Quarterly Journal of Sustainable Urban Development)
  •   Dr. Pejman Esmaeili (Advisor to Governor)
  •   Dr. Behrouz Arbabshirani (Faculty Member of Isfahan University of Technology)
  •   Dr. Kourosh Khosravi (Secretary of Sheikh Bahaei Festival and Member of Isfahan City Council)
  •   Dr. Mohammad Reza Omidi (Vice Chancellor of Technology,Isfahan Science and Technology Town)
  •   Dr. Sayyed Jamaleddin Samsam Shariat (Deputy Mayor, Architecture and Urban Development,Isfahan)

 Secretary of the Conference Scientific Committee

Dr.Sayyed Mahdi Abtahi (Vice Chancellor of Research and Technology,Isfahan University of Technology)

Secretary of the Executive Committee

Amir Masoud Samani Majd (Vice Chancellor of Research and Technology,Daneshpajoohan Pishro Higher Education Institute)

Conference Secretariat

Parisa Moradizadeh (Responsible for the Conference Secretariat)


Eng. Fereydoon Eghbali (Iranian pooyarooydad Group)

International Workshops:

Dr. Mohammadreza Ghanei (IVAN Art Cultural Institute)

Dr. Sayed Kamaleddin Sahlabadi (Apadana Art Cultural Institute)