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The sustainable development concept was first formally introduced by the World Commission on Environment and Development (Brudtland Commission) report in 1986 (Our Common Future). This document includes the most frequently quoted definition of sustainability: “Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”.

In mid-1990s, sustainable development was proceeded in economic growth and social development framework in such a way that environmental capital and developmental needs of the next generation would not be diminished.

Sustainable development is a process for achieving sustainability in any activity requiring rapid and integrated resources and providing a desirable future for human societies in which conditions of living and resource use, without sacrificing integrity, beauty and stability of critical systems will meet the human needs. This approach should be compatible with use of resources, investment guidance, orientation of technological development and fundamental changes and present and future needs. It should come up with solutions for structural, social, and economic mortal patterns of development, in order to prevent issues like natural resources destroying, degradation of biological systems, pollution, climate changes, excessive population growth, injustice and declining life quality of human beings.

From this perspective, achieving sustainable development is on the agenda of all the countries of the world, and all governments are trying to play their role in this great global movement. The most important achievements over the last few decades for Earth's health is "global" attention "local" action.

Due to its specific geographic location, cultural civilization and historical background, Iran should consider the sustainable development seriously. Necessity of persistent consideration and particular attention to sustainable development issues lead to hold 7th International Conference at the end of 2017 by permanent secretariat office of the International Conference on Sustainable Development & Urban Construction (SDUC) by Daneshpajoohan Higher Education Institute (DHEI), in cooperation with Esfahan Municipality.

After six successful consecutive conferences, DHEI will unveil the Sustainable Development Brand. The sign contains all research educational activities (in-person, virtual, etc.) such as training courses, papers, magazines and books publication, holding seminars, paper review and cooperation in research educational projects in sustainable development field.

Hereby all professors, researchers, scholars, professionals, experts and students are invited cordially to submit their recent scientific achievements to the conference secretariat office. SDUC hopes to take steps towards achieving sustainable development and livable environment goals.